Job Description

We are on the look out for a TIG Welder who has experience with Aluminium welding based in
GL2, Hempstead,

As an Aluminium TIG Welder you will play a crucial role in our manufacturing process, contributing to the production of high-quality aluminium products. We are seeking a skilled and experienced welder who can operate Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding equipment to join and weld aluminium components.

Your precise welding techniques will be essential in maintaining product integrity and meeting our quality standards. Will also be required to undertake steel and stainless steel tig welding from time to time.

Key Responsibilities:

Aluminium Welding: Perform TIG welding on aluminium components, ensuring strong and visually appealing welds. Steel, Stainless Steel welding: Perform TIG welding on aluminium components, ensuring strong and visually appealing welds.

Reading Drawings: Interpret and follow engineering drawings and blueprints to understand welding specifications and requirements.

Material Preparation: Prepare aluminium materials for welding by cleaning, cutting, and positioning them accurately.

Welding Equipment: Set up and maintain TIG welding equipment, ensuring it functions efficiently and safely. Quality Control: Inspect welded components for quality, accuracy, and structural integrity, making adjustments as needed.

Safety: Adhere to all safety protocols and wear appropriate safety gear to minimize workplace hazards.

Productivity: Work efficiently to meet production schedules and deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards.

Qualifications: Proven experience as an Aluminium, Steel, and Stainless steel TIG Welder. Proficiency in TIG welding techniques, especially on aluminium.

Ability to read and interpret blueprints and technical drawings.

Familiarity with different aluminium alloys and their welding requirements. Knowledge of welding equipment operation and maintenance.

Strong attention to detail and quality control.

Commitment to workplace safety

Full-time (Days Mon-Thurs 0800 – 1630 Fri 0800 – 1530)

Salary £30,500